How to create an initramfs image ;-;?

hey there just failing with creating an initramfs image everytime i make one it just doesn’t boot , idk how to make a perfect initramfs img , oh btw i am making for my custom kernel can somebody help?

As long as your custom kernel is properly installed like an Arch-kernel should be you can run sudo dracut-rebuild and it will rebuilt the initrds for all your kernels.

it is properly installed

dracut is installed by default. What @dalto is stating is as long as your Custom Kernel is properly installed then you can just use dracut-rebuild command as suggested.

the issue still persists @dalto

Perhaps posting the terminal output when you run the suggested command could give someone some hints?

Which issue is that? If dracut-rebuild isn’t finding your kernel, it is likely because your custom kernel isn’t installed in the standard way Arch kernels are installed as referenced above. For example, if the pkgbase file is missing.

now imma dive into how an initrd works

I just want to point out you haven’t even told us what the issue you are having actually is yet.

We only know you are having some issue.

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its the issue i am having right now like before i made the kernel but the thing is that it was earlier stuck at finished setting up virtual console and then so i recompiled and re did the process after deleting the prervious kernel and then i updated the arch kernel to 6.6.8 to make the use of 6.6.8 kernel from 6.6.7 and when i made the kernel i used dracut to create the initramfs it did not boot this time it showed “efi stub: loaded initrd from linux_efi_initrd_media_guid device path efi stub: measured initrd data into pcr 9” and it is what it shows till now too

How did you use dracut to create the initrd? What specific command did you use?

dracut --hostonly --kver 6.6.8 --no-hostonly-cmdline --force /boot/initramfs-redianos-6.6.8.img