How to copy script to usr/bin?

successfully compiled the program hotcorner
To which directories to copy(/usr/bin or /usr/local/bin? How to copy to have the necessary permissions in the BIN path?

The Makefile is by default set up to copy to /usr/bin/ but generally you’d keep /usr for your distribution’s package management and use /usr/local/bin (or even ~/bin but that’s not setup by default on Endeavour). Functionally it doesn’t actually matter but I’d use /usr/local/bin, i.e.,

sudo make PREFIX=/usr/local install

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Can i use this command for make home directory?

sudo make PREFIX=~/usr/bin install

No, if you are asking to install into your home directory as per my mention of ~/bin then you will need to

  1. If it doesn’t yet exist first have to in fact create ~/bin as per simply mkdir ~/bin
  2. Install the program into it with make PREFIX=~ install (note; no sudo needed)
  3. On Arch/Manjaro/Endeavour in fact add ~/bin to your path (on Debian based distributions it’s by default as long as it exists) by adding to ~/.bashrc a line
   [[ -d "$HOME"/bin ]] && PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH"
  1. Log out and back in or reboot to have that PATH change active also for the GUI
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Need to correct myself: the above will work fine, but specifically as to my point 4… I don’t in fact run Endeavour at the moment and/but when I just now double-checked in a VM, bash hence ~/.bashrc is not in fact in a standard XFCE session’s process tree.

This is to say that to be correct you should undo the line added to ~/.bashrc in point 3 and instead add it to ~/.profile:

[ -d "$HOME/bin" ] && PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH"

I see that ~/.profile does not exist by default on Endeavour but just create it then (and also note the in this case conceptually better single [ over the bash-specific double [[). You will then again want to log out and back in or reboot.

Or you may decide to not care; it’s not important. The earlier ~/.bashrc route is fine for working from the terminal – but since I specifically mentioned to “have that PATH change active for the GUI” I still should correct myself. Where to add/tweak environment variables is a bit of a mess over different Linux distributions…

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