How to configure tracker3?

I am giving gnome another try. I am currently struggling with tracker3. I can not find good information in the web how to configure it and what tracker3 is actually supposed to do. Here is an example of what I mean.

tracker3 has indexed my files:

# tracker3 status                                                              
Currently indexed: 17994 files, 1380 folders
Remaining space on database partition: 52,8?GB (33,12%)
All data miners are idle, indexing complete
13 recorded failures

Somehow it does seem to track my home directory multiple times:

# tracker3 index
Path                                                                                                      Recursive                         
/home/matthias/Schreibtisch                                                                               *
/home/matthias                                                                                            *
/home/matthias/Musik                                                                                      *
/home/matthias                                                                                            *
/home/matthias/Videos                                                                                     *
/home/matthias                                                                                            -
/home/matthias                                                                                            -

It also finds files multiple times at the same location

# tracker3 search interbench-output.ods


For some files I can search by content and find them:

# tracker3 search "total number of events:"
  ?10.0020s     total number of?

But for others this does not work. I have create a file /home/matthias/Dokumente/TEST.xyz123 with content:

# cat /home/matthias/Dokumente/TEST.xyz123
es ist ein test
Aloa Hipipi

I can find the file by a partial name search:

# tracker3 search                            


Again it finds the file two times. Why?

But I can not search for the content of the file:

# tracker3 search "Aloa Hipipi"            

This is all totally inconsistent.

Furthermore I do not see the corresponding settings with dconf-editor.

This is what gsettings finds:

# gsettings list-recursively |grep -i tracker
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.FTS ignore-numbers true
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.FTS ignore-stop-words true
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.FTS enable-unaccent true
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.FTS enable-stemmer false
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Extract text-allowlist ['*.txt', '*.md', '*.mdwn']
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Extract max-bytes 1048576
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Extract wait-for-miner-fs false
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files index-optical-discs false
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files index-single-directories ['$HOME', '&DOWNLOAD']
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files enable-monitors true
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files index-on-battery-first-time true
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files index-recursive-directories ['&DESKTOP', '&DOCUMENTS', '&MUSIC', '&PICTURES', '&VIDEOS', 'Dokumente', 'PDF']
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files removable-days-threshold 3
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files ignored-directories ['po', 'CVS', 'core-dumps', 'lost+found']
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files index-on-battery true
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files index-applications true
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files throttle 0
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files ignored-directories-with-content ['.trackerignore', '.git', '.hg', '.nomedia', 'Downloads']
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files index-removable-devices false
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files ignored-files ['*~', '*.o', '*.la', '*.lo', '*.loT', '*.in', '*.csproj', '*.m4', '*.rej', '*.gmo', '*.orig', '*.pc', '*.omf', '*.aux', '*.tmp', '*.vmdk', '*.vm*', '*.nvram', '*.part', '*.rcore', '*.lzo', 'autom4te', 'conftest', 'confstat', 'Makefile', 'SCCS', '', 'libtool', 'config.status', 'confdefs.h', 'configure', '#*#', '~$*.doc?', '~$*.dot?', '~$*.xls?', '~$*.xlt?', '~$*.xlam', '~$*.ppt?', '~$*.pot?', '~$*.ppam', '~$*.ppsm', '~$*.ppsx', '~$*.vsd?', '~$*.vss?', '~$*.vst?', 'mimeapps.list', 'mimeinfo.cache', 'gnome-mimeapps.list', 'kde-mimeapps.list', '*.directory']
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files low-disk-space-limit -1
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files crawling-interval -1
org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files initial-sleep 15
ca.desrt.dconf-editor.Settings saved-pathbar-path '/org/freedesktop/tracker/'
ca.desrt.dconf-editor.Settings saved-view '/org/freedesktop/tracker/'

But in dconf-editor I only see a section called tracker and not Tracker3:

# dconf list /org/freedesktop/        

I am really lost here. Any help is appreciated.

I guess I sorted this out. I had to reset everything:

  1. I used gsettings set org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files index-recursive-directories ... to only contain my home directory
  2. I did reset the tracker3 index:
    tracker3 reset -sr and
    tracker3 reset -f [all directories that have been index so far]

This basically did the trick.

The only open question that remains is: Why cant I configure “org.freedesktop.Tracker3....” with dconf-editor?