How to configure my laptop to never shut down while maintaining temps

Hello, I have an HP pavilion 15 ec0101ax, since past few weeks my laptop has failed to boot up, it shows a 5.3 caps lock blink code which in HP codes means that the EC took to long to reach the BIOS, now whenever i try to perform a CMOS reset ( the RTC/CMOS Is integrated in the battery itself in my system) it does not work, and if CMOS does work, then i get the screen CMOS checksum invalid error code 502, afterwards i just go into BIOS, disable secure boot and login into endeavor os, no problems occurs after boot, but if i shut it down again, then same problem will happen and there is this uncertainity that it might not boot up ever again if CMOS does not get reset, i do not have money to get the whole motherboard replaced and i do not want to pressure my mom with these costs of my own stuff, i will save money for next few months from my part time job to get this problem fixed, until then i want to keep my laptop always on and not shutdown, i have already disabled sleep and hibernation, as these both settings shut down my OS and bring me to that 5.3 caps lock blink again, the problem left is to tackle the temps of battery, i can go on with getting out the charger in day to cool battery and using on battery power, but how do i tackle the problem of keeping it on at night, without the battery getting overheated, any suggestions? like limiting the max charge to 80% or anything like that.

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For the % of the battery, I’ve had good fortune with TLP: it works great with a new battery just installed in the Lenovo e580.

Here’s the how to :slight_smile:

I’ll be doing the same with the ASUS x555Q when I receive the battery :slight_smile:
Good free software!

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