How to configure a WM to give it the full functionality of a Desktop Enviroment?

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Hello, I currently have AwesomeWM, switched from KDE Plasma. Anyway, I just frshely installed awesomewm, and apparently, it’s highly extensible and congigurable which means you can add many extensions and applets, if I’m not mistaken. But how do I go about turning this WM into a full desktop enviroment? What do I need to install to make it a full desktop enviroment? Do I need to learn Lua to configure/rice awesomewm? Are there any guides on the internet to configure awesome wm in a way that make it a full desktop enviroment? I’d appreciate any answers/advice. TY

What is an example of the functionality you are missing?

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You have to define what this means for you, or explain what exactly do you want. Don’t ask us to guess your thoughts, like some other users do :grin: .

For a start, here is what the Archwiki proposes for a DE and possible elements.

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Sorry, I assumed you know what I’m talking about, you know, the elements that make up KDE Plasma and GNOME and other DE’s, the programs and functiosn that seperate a DE from a WM, I dont know how to explain it at all, but I want every function that a DE has onto my WM, to make the WM a fully functioning standalone DE. I’m really sorry, I’m slightly new to this, but I can’t elaborate further, because I don’t know how to put EXACTLY everything I want into words. This is my best attept to describe what I want, which is every function that a DE has(that makes it a DE) onto a WM (awesomewm) NO I don’t want the filler xfce/KDe/Gnome apps. I just don’t know how to do that. Again, any help would be appreciated, thank you. My apologies for not elaborating further.

it’s literally just a Wm, and a minimal taskbar with limited mouse support. Nothing else. And I want every function that a DE has(that makes it a DE) onto a WM , but these functions are missing, which makes awesomewm extremely barebones and simple. My apologies for not elaborating further.

Would recommend you to try finding some YouTubes where people rice their AwesomeWM. That’ll give you ideas and show you how to do it.

You probably want a status bar with some metrics in it to start.

Obviously a way to search and find programs to launch. Usually dmenu or rofi integrated within Awesome.

Beyond that, it’s all about ricing your wm and making it what you want.

Not for nothing, but it sounds like AwesomeWM is not what you want.


I think you need to try i3 and ArcoLinux theme for start

“Full functionality” usually means bloat which is not what most people go for who purposely choose a window manager over a desktop environment.

Especially somebody with fresh memories about using MacOS or Windows will not be comfortable even with OpenBox and having to hunt down a bunch of files to change it precisely how he/she wants, like I had to do with Slackel just now, and with Archbang, with Bunsen Labs Beryllium, with Manjaro “i3”…

I’m still trying to change the “digital” clock which is hard to read on the panel of Slackel…

I don’t know if the OP has tried Mabox. That is about the best experience for a person who feels he/she needs a desktop but insists installing a W.M. :woman_shrugging:

It is beautiful yes but the ISO is a bit smaller than the Manjaro “minimum” one. That should say something. However those for Beryllium and Slackel aren’t that much smaller so… the devs of Archbang should be praised more for how small it is, even 64-bit. I should be blamed many times looking to bloat it by installing Wine, I only wanted to see if I could. :supervillain:

Most people start with a team - creating a full desktop environment is a big undertaking in general.

If you would really liek a “full desktop” experience I would suggest gnome, kde, xfce or cinnamon as I feel all 4 provide very very good experiences out of the box.

Yes, lua is the biggest downside imo to awesome, as it’s written in lua. . . you will need it to configure it, especially if you intend to do so on a level worthy of being considered an “environment.”

Google will be your friend here. I’m sure you’re not the only one. You just may be one of the few here.

But if you want a DE, just use a DE and not a WM. (obvious huh?)

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