How to completely remove grub?

Hi I would like to replace grub with systemd-boot. I know how to install and setup systemd-boot. I’ve searched but I can’t really find a clear answer. I would like to remove grub and all it’s settings and traces.

I understand I have to setup systemd-boot first. So my question is how to do it after that.


Unless you mounted your EFI system partition at /boot during installation, it is going to be tricky to set up systemd-boot.

As far as removing grub, it should be as easy as removing the package grub and then deleting the directory /boot/grub.

So If I were to do a fresh install would it be possible?

Unless I missed something the calamares installer didn’t have an option.

At this point, I will let someone more familiar with Calamares chime in. I just know that systemd-boot requires the EFI partition to be mounted at /boot. Refind should work without reinstalling, if your main goal is just to get rid of GRUB.

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No worries. Thanks for trying to assist though. I appreciate it. I prefer systemd-boot because it’s what I’ve always used and refind just caused issues in the past plus I prefer not to rely on 3rd party stuff when I don’t have to.

calamares have the option to use systemd-boot for EFI systems, but may not fully implemented for work on archbased systems, i do tried to enable this but it fails, on a testing version

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Oh ok. Well @Kresimir said that I can just convert the Arch install to EndeavourOS and here’s the thread if you could be of any help? And it would be much appreciated.

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