How to change what the keyboard shortcuts do?

How do I change what the keyboard shortcuts do? I do not want to use Firefox as my browser and want to have the shortcut to open the browser instead open Google Chrome. How do I do this?

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Everything is configured in the config file.

edit: sway is very very similar to i3, and the i3 documentation is a LOT better in my opinion. You may find this very helpful also:



# App shortcuts
    bindsym $mod+n exec thunar
    bindsym $mod+o exec firefox

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In addition to the advice above, please note that, depending on how you installed Sway and which instructions you followed, things may be “different”.

For EndeavourOS, see

In addition to ~/.config/sway/config.d/default, you may also want to modify ~/.config/sway/config.d/application_defaults. Search that file for “firefox”.

I don’t use google chrome and so I’m not sure whether you need to mention google-chrome or google-chrome-stable, etc.

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