How to change the cross color in xfce?


I have seen in YouTube how people have different colors (such as blue as an example) so I was wondering if you guys knew how to change this for xfce?

The window manager buttons (Close, Maximize, Minimize, etc.) are actually PNG images that are stored as part of the theme you are using. For example, if you are using the Arc-Dark theme, you will find these images here:


If you are lucky, you might find that there’s already a theme online with the colors you want. If so, simply download that theme and install it on your system.

Failing to find a suitable theme online, you can create your own theme. You would begin by copying the theme you want to modify. Then you would create a set of new PNG images with the colors you want and save them to your new theme. Finally, when you switch to your new theme, you will see the buttons with their new colors.


The previous information is correct - but this might help with finding a suitable look without having to substitute anything (other than using the Settings GUI).

This is already showing the latest new xfce looks for the XFWM4 window manager (which controls the buttons look and location)