How to change language

A quick question, how to change language I have the region set correctly but somehow the language is not US English.

More information please.

Where is the language wrong? What DE are you using?

What is the output of the command localectl?

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System Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8
VC Keymap: us
X11 Layout: us

The language seems to be fine. I think the zone is not correct that is why the time and the month is showing different.

btw, how do you minimize the windows, to take the screenshot of the desktop i had to close all the windows lol its a steep learning curve

I think this is supposed to be LANG=en_US.UTF -8 notice the space between F and -8.
You don’t minimize windows (they are called tiles btw) in i3. If you want a blank desktop simply move to another workspace that is empty by using MOD + number of the workspace you want to move to.

Thank you! simple things but if you don’t know then one feel so stuck :slight_smile:

Strange because i believe this is set during installation and it should not have such errors. Now how do i fix this?