How to build MegaSYNC from source?

The reason I got into EnOS is to learn!

How to get the source into makepkg and create a PKGBUILD file?

I looked through Arch wiki and can’t find a tutorial on how to do this. Can anyone help?


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Since the AUR already has a PKGBUILD for building megasync from source you can use that as reference.

@I0F, if you want to build off a specific version, the -git package probably isn’t want you want to look at.

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No, I want to learn how to create a PKGBUILD file using template like this

So the SHA checksum stays the same for that package regardless of its release numbers?

Have you looked at this


No, the sha sum is based on the file you download.

You can easily update it by changing the version and then running updpkgsums

Well, having an example that shows exactly what you need should be useful. For the record when I create a PKGBUILD I generally just copy one that already exists and modify the relevant parts. There is no reason to type it out from scratch. Most PKGBUILDs are either binary, pull a fixed source release or pull directly from a source repo. While each of those is different, as long as you start with an appropriate example, they generally only take a few minutes to make unless you need to do a lot of patching to get the source to build.


Yes, but it did not explain where it this SHA256 checkum “from the upstream provider” but thanks for all your efforts.


? It does:


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