How to boot Endeavour with GRML-rescueboot

So i have added the endeavour iso file to GRML, but when i try to select endeavor iso in the grubootloader it just brings me back to the grub menu, did i do someone wrong or?

Why use GRML instead of ventoy?

I mean I understand that the GRML is like a live rescue disk with the ability to add other things but a simple usb with ventoy you can boot a image of system rescue disk or even your own if you wanted to.

This is why i used GRML it is like a live usb stick, and i dont want to use ventoy because i dont want to buy a new usb. (In my country it is way too much of a hassle to buy a usb stick) GRML is alsò really easy to install too, while ventoy is a hassle.

I’ve never used GRML and so i am unable to be a help with getting the iso to show. I’m not sure what hassle you had with ventoy as it was simple to me. Good Luck to you.

I would check the grub config file and make sure the entry is correct for booting over the ISO

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Thanks for your help :blush:

And btw everyone who is reading this be sure you have atleast used GRML before.