How to best notify yourself about failing systemd services?

What’s the best way to notify yourself about failing systemd user and system services running a desktop environment (e.g. plasma)?

Currently I have “systemctl list-units --failed” as my console greater, which is sufficient, but also very clumsy and unreliant.

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That’s an xyproblem. Systemd’s reports about something is wrong (failing may not be crucial) are there for when you want to troubleshoot something, or you suspect something goes wrong.
So, depending on what you need, you have different ways to look for info. :person_shrugging:

That’s an adequate report for very worried users, IMHO :wink: :rofl: .


Yes and no. Of course I don’t care about systemd failing, but the job that systemd was supposed to facilitate. Systemd is the messenger and manger of those jobs. It starts the jobs and possesses all the information about the outcome.

If a systemd job fails then something that was supposed to happen didn’t. This isn’t suspected troubleshooting but being informed about an actual failure. The decision if it was a crucial failure should then be up to the user. But the user has to know to make that decision.

That said, I don’t really care about the philosophical discussion. Let’s assume that a user’s system is sound and shouldn’t have any systemd started processes running into an error. What is the most practical way to be informed that an error occurred?

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There is journalctl-desktop-notification-git from AUR, it notifies you when any error message appears in journalctl log.

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Thanks, I’ll check it out. :+1: