How To: Auto Snap Window Edges like in previous Gnome versions?

Greetings lovely community,

I previously came from PopOS 20.04 & 21.04, which used Gnome 3.36 and 3.38 respectively. One thing I’ve noticed in Gnome 40 is when dragging windows, for example a Nautilus window over another Nautilus window, they no longer snap together when I try to align them on top of each other. Now if I press and hold Ctrl and drag one of the windows on top of the other, the edges will snap and lock in place so that I may place the window directly over on top of it in perfect symmetry. In Gnome 3.36/38 this would happen automatically without having to press Ctrl. Does anyone know if there is an option I can toggle to make it act like how it did in previous versions of Gnome? I don’t maximize most of my windows, so it’s super efficient for me to simply drag a window over another window so that things are repetitively always in the same place. I’ve also noticed pressing and holding shift kinda snaps windows together too, but it’s a bit more aggressive is the best way I can put it! If anyone has any advice I’d definitely appreciate it!

I’d like to snap these windows automatically when dragging over them like in previous version of Gnome without the need to hold Ctrl or Shift