How to add transparency to Konsole in KDE Plasma?

I noticed some of the users who shared their desktops in a separate thread had transparent terminal applications. How is this done? I looked at the Konsoles settings and didn’t run into an obvious config for this.

Also, what’s the command you guys run to get that very colorful signature arch text that shows the logo and all your specs inside terminal? You know, the one that is often flexed in screenshots? lol. I got some flexing to do :sunglasses:

neofetch - you might have to install it, but I think EOS ships with it. I think.

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Does this entail creating a profile for the Konsole first? I don’t see an appearance tab on my end.

The built-in default profile that ships with Konsole is read-only, so you will have to create a new profile in order to be able to save it.


My man. Thanks!

Or fastfetch, loads noticeabley quicker

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fastfetch doesn’t work for me

Or screenfetch, which kinda sucks :laughing:.

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You would need to install it

Oh, I see. If it does the exact same thing, I’ll just leave it, so I don’t have to install anything further :smiling_face:

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I couldnt help myself and installed fastfetch as I just realized it has a bit more info… Some odd reason mine has less info than I see in some others screenshots. Is there a way to edit what it fetches?

Have a read through this

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