How to Add gnome-search-tool to XFCE4 Thunar

Thunar is a great low resource file manager. However, for me the lack of a search feature
is really aggravating. Here is how to add gnome-search-tool to Thunar and it only costs you 50 MiB

Install gnome-search-tool
#pacman -S gnome-search-tool (Total Installed size: 49.93 MiB)

Open Thunar
Click on “Edit”
Click on “Configure custom actions”
Click on + to add a custom action
Under the “Basic” tab fill in
Name: Search for files
Command: gnome-search-tool --path=%f --contains=
Click on the box next to Icon: then select the “system-search” icon and click OK
Click on the “Appearance Conditions” Tab
In “Appears if selection contains:”
Enable “Directories” “Audio Files” “Image Files” “Text Files” and “Video Files”
Click on OK
Close “Custom Actions” window

In Thunar, select a directory or device, (For illustrative reasons highlight “File System”)
Right click, then click on “Search for files”


Since I believe in full transparency, and giving credit where credit is due.
Go to this site for further details



good to bring this up, as Thunar have some nice features user are not aware of :wink:

i do not like tracker (used by gnome-search) as it is causing huge systemload on tracking for files and the db is growing fast in size…

But you can use almost any app or command you want inside this setting:

i add catfish what is now part of XFCE itself:

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To make catfish work you have also look the optional depency otherwise no sezrch :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I use KDE and dolphin now, but when I used Xfce I really liked the customization that Thunar permitted. I added actions for search, encrypt, decrypt.

Thunar stores Custom Actions in: ~/.config/Thunar/uca.xml
You may edit that file if you want to. At the very least make a backup of your hard work. And if you ever have to reinstall just copy the backup to your new installation.

yeah with thunar you can do costumze things :slight_smile:

mlocate is installed per default on EnOS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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