How to add gmail as default

can someone help me to set up gmail as my default mail app ; I read the default applications articles but still not sure how to do it .

I hope that you are on KDE. Follow this :

Open System Settings -> Default Applications -> Email Client;
Check Use a different email client;
Type the following: /usr/bin/browser_name

In browser_name, you have to enter your browser name.

I’ve used Viagee in the past, it’s in the AURs ( There’s also desktop-webmail, but I’m not familiar with that one. Both provide a way to set up gmail as your default email client.

These days, I use Evolution and have gmail set up in that (along with other email accounts).

Anyone know a way to do this in GNOME? We don’t have the “use a different mail client” option there, just the drop down.

In Gnome, I would suggest using Evolution and set up gmail in that.

I’m on GNOME, I got Evolution and set up Gmail there. Was straight forward for me.

I think Geary could also be useful.

Geary…wow I’m getting wierd echoes of Microsoft and Windows Mail and Calendar…so why don’t I feel the need to shower? :rofl:

sorry for not giving better info, I’m using XFCE . but I try Phoenix suggestion and it did not work , apparently there has to be a file in /usr/bin ; Downloaded viagee but ti doesn’t show up any where even after I type on the search bar, and whereis command just returs viagee: so I’ll uninstall ; desktop-webmail looks like a targz file and I don’t know what to do with that ; evolution just took over my google account and it did not do what I wanted ,which is simply send a web page to gmail so I can send it to someone; so I removed it from my google account and uninstall ; growing pains of a newbie I guess I’ll continue to just copy links in the mean time ; but sure thank you all for trying

Which browser are you using ?

You can use this :

To extract tar.gz.

For extracting using dtrx, in terminal, enter:

dtrx package_name.*.tar.gz