How to actually enable LLVM driver

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My system:

I have perhaps a strange question. I Have an Old NVidia GPU which doesnt support Vulkan. I need a Vulkan implementation on my system to run some audio plugins under Wine. I don´t need high performance. My GPU has the Nouveau driver loaded.

Is there a way to add or change configuration somewhere to ensure that LLVM or LavaPipe, or some other Vulkan 1.3 capable Software implementation loads on boot so that any Vulkan requests from DXVK are served by it?

Again obviously not going to be performant but these plugins are not exactly the latest games.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.


Ok so I found a solution for people from the future just in case. Install vulkan-swrast as per It will install a vulkan driver which vulkaninfo picks up. Also DXVK finds it. FYI I did of course have problems making it work… The problem was that when running vulkaninfo it complained about not finding a shared file in /usr/lib/ I had libLLVM-16. Things/versions change quickly in Arch world!! This was because I had to update the LLVM package via pacman. But better still ensure you pacman -Syu for a full system update before you install the vulkan-swrast and all will be fine.

This is for development and debugging really, but for my purposes of getting a vulkan capable device on a system with no hardware vulkan capable device, it works a treat.

I didn´t need to provide any other command line environment variables for the Spitfire plugin to load and operate correctly. I am using DXVK 1.7.3 as installed from winetricks but this is old so probably upgrade to the latest using winetricks dlls dxvk or install from the git repo manually as per instructions at



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