How return to the old (XP / Xfce) style in Cinnamon?

I prefer the old timey layout with separated launchers and app icons. What do I need to change?

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So how come other people’s Google fu is so much better than mine??

Filter bubble perhaps!?

You probably know this, but…

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yes you can’t buy anything at :wink:

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I guess every search engine wraps you in its own filter (or indexing) bubble.

True to some extent, but if you use StartPage for instance, it hides you behind a proxy, so you can’t be traced, and every search forces google (wich they use anonymus) to treat every search as a completely new users search. Hence no filter or indexing.

I’m not trying to be a smart ass, just some friendly advice. :innocent:

I’m using StartPage for more than a year now as my single/default search engine. The results are a bit thinner than google’s. no idea why. maybe google is shy when receiving anonymous requests :smiley: however I am satisfied with it. I hate it how google uses my login on gmail to peep at my searches also.

How do you compare StartPage and Duckduckgo?

Here is a comparison of Pros and Cons:

My personal view is that I get better search results on StartPage as it uses Google. DuckDuckGo uses Bing. The latter is hosted on Amazon servers i the US, and has affiliated with Yahoo, witch makes them compromised in my eyes, but this is just my opnion.

can’t really tell, I’ve read some articles that in my eyes raised suspicion regarding duckduckgo’s intentions and partners. so i searched for alternatives.
I am using this site to get guidance in these matters:

I can recommend Qwant also as a search engine.

Thanks for the link. Good one.

Eh. I’ve never been all that worried about the ideological side if this.
For me functionality is king, which is why i still use Gmail and other Google services and mainstream social media.
After all what’s the point of social media services with no users (in comparison) for example.

Edit: also in the site you mention Duckduckgo is listed as preferred.

I’m a pragmatic tin foil hat wearer. :rofl:

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i noticed that. there’s debate behind those recommendations. i went on a gut’s feeling on this and stayed away from the duck :slight_smile: scary thing.
they also have searx listed there, but they have a devil’s logo. can’t trust something with that kind of logo. same as with google: they had until somewhat recently the word “evil” in their slogan (do no evil). How can you trust a company that has “evil” in their slogan?