How much partition for development?

Hello all! I’ve been using Windows 11 for quite some time and it’s really horrible when it comes to software development. A friend of mine recommend me to use Endeavour OS but I’m somewhat confused about the partition size.
My system has around 250 GiB of storage divided into C drive(140GiB) and D drive (110GiB). So you see I’m really low on storage.
I primarily want the following tools for my setup:
gcc (C/C++ compiler)
neovim and other tools such as git and npm etc. Leaving them apart from them some place to breathe like 10-15 GiB.

What should be the desired partition size? Is 40 GiB enough for all this?


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Thanks but i had another question, assuming I give a partition of 50 GB, how much space would be available after that(just an approximation)?

It depends exactly how much you install, but generally a base OS is no more than 10GB in size.

I have 1425 packages installed and it’s using 8.9GB space.

So that means that I would be left with around 30GBs and that’s good but i saw on the Ubuntu forums that a 30GB installation is completely finished by the first system update is that the case with endeavour? It shouldn’t be since it is an arch distro

Just a thought:
If you install on that 110 GB partition using BTRFS filesystem in the installer, then you wouldn’t need to think about the size of your system partition. Your whole system (root, home etc.) will naturally have a limit of 110 GB.

all of the 250GB is SSD and i do need some space for windows to work although I will try to clear up windows as much as I could

You have a couple of options here.

  • You can continue to ask questions one-by-one and get increasingly frustrated answers from people;
  • You could ask your actual question up-front;
  • You could just try the thing and see what happens.

It’s really not an option, it’s scary to try to install some os on such low storage capacities

In which case let me be as explicit as I can.

A 40 or 50GB partition is more than enough space for a basic EndeavourOS installation. You will need to be aware of the following:

  • You will need to regularly clear the package cache to make sure you don’t fill your partition;
  • Installing games or storing media will take up much more space than the base desktop environment and development tools.

hi TusharSingh09,

welcome to the EnOS community,

If you will use the OS only for development, 50GB are enough.

for example my EnOS installation is my main OS and few months old:


i use it also for development.

Depending on your available system resources, if the install is purely for development, it might be easier to use a VM instead of re-partitioning your disk and dual-booting.

I do a lot of my development in VMs.

And storage these days is cheap. Buy more…make it bigger…and don’t worry later.

Welcome to the forum @TusharSingh09 :enos_flag:

Seems like you’re a bit confused about what you’re trying to ask :thinking:

My old PC which I used for long (still use) runs Endeavour off a 50GB partition. The important thing is to not store all your documents, music and pics on that 50GB partition. For projects and development tools, 50GB is way more than what I need.

This reminds me of node modules :grin:
You might want to clear out node modules for projects you’re not actively working on. They can get huge! I do similar thing for my Flutter and Rust projects, here I clean the build directories of projects I’m not actively working on.

And of course, this :point_down:


Thank you so much exactly the question i needed answers for. That sounds great then :smile:

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