How manually set the ESP to /boot

Any chance to manually set ESP partition to /boot instead /efi?
Whenever I tried, the installer complains and if I continue (with /boot) I end up with a non bootable system…

The installer doesn’t currently support that but it is easy enough to switch after the install.

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Ok, thanks for replying. Is there any guide for this?

I don’t think there is a guide per se.

Are you using systemd-boot or grub?


lsblk -f
├─sda1 vfat FAT32 xxxx-D8E9 323.9M 19% /efi
└─sda2 crypto_LUKS 1 xxxxxxxx-5d68afb
ext4 1.0 root-usb xxxxxx61-874e-3109ecb55c37 542.4M 88% /

First I would point out that there is no practical reason to remount your ESP at /boot given how our systemd-boot setup is configured.

That being said, if you just want to, you can.

It would probably be something like this:

  • Edit /etc/fstab and change /efi to /boot
  • sudo mv /boot/*ucode.img /efi/.
  • sudo umount /efi
  • sudo mount /boot
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Thanks for creating this new topic!
I will try this tomorrow, thank you for your time!

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one reason that already made me think about making this change is that many tools, including memtest86±efi install themselves to /boot and to get them working with systemd-boot need to be manually copied to the EFI partition and also need to be copied when they are updated. When EFI would be mounted at /boot the need to copy it would be gone.

Also the archwiki suggests /boot is the simplest mount point to be used, that’s why I asked if it is possible to have this option in calamares.

Archinstall defaults to /boot and cachyos allowed me so select /boot, so I understand calamares supports such option.

This is not true if you use kernel-install as we do. The Arch wiki does not consider this option.

By default, Calamares use a fixed location for the ESP which is stored in a config file. We use a customized version of Calamares that allows you to choose a bootloader and then sets the mountpoint of the ESP based on which you choose. Adding the ability to override that choice would make the installer more complicated to use.

Further, mounting the ESP on /boot is not a configuration we encourage or support with our documentation so it is best left to expert users who have a highly specific way they want to configure their system.


OK, I understand it now! TY


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