How large should the /efi partition be for more than a single system?

Let’s say I want to install EndeavourOS somewhere and perhaps over time I will come up with the idea to install other Linuxes because I want to try out some things in real life (not only VM).

What would be a reasonable size of /efi?

I know @dalto has a lot of systems on his disk. How large is your /efi partition?


I guess the answer depends on if you are going to use systemd-boot or Grub.

I’ve got a triple-boot system with Grub (ESP mounted at /boot/efi) with a total size of 26.8 MB worth of “boot-stuffs” from all three systems.

It depends on your hardware as initrd sizes vary. Also, different distros save differing amounts of data there. 1GB is usually more than enough for 2 distros as long as you don’t go crazy installing kernels.

When I had 7 distros on one machine I was using 2GB for my /efi

Many distros store the images in the ESP even when using grub so it really depends.


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I see. Admittedly, I cannot say that I have tried all that many distros but I haven’t seen this yet in those distros I have tried so far.

Would you mind giving some examples?

I was concerned about many kernels :slight_smile:

My running EOS has two kernels installed and I have a size of 1GB

/dev/nvme0n1p1 999M 685M 314M 69% /efi

I have a full list off the top of my head. I think archinstall does. I know Ubuntu does if you enable encryption.

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Those are some huge images. Are you an nvidia user or are you using mkinitcpio?

No mkinitcpio and yes, nvidia

When the nvidia drivers get embedded in the images they get quite a lot larger.

You might want some extra space due to that.

Good. Thanks.

Here is mine for comparison. I also have 2 kernels installed:

2.0G  157M  1.8G   8% /efi

I actually think 685MB is kind of large. Even for nvidia.

dux /efi/e3453a9d96ee492bb8be0b1b52780f08/
301M   ┌── 6.6.17-1-lts
382M   ├── 6.7.5-zen1-1-zen
684M ┌─┴ e3453a9d96ee492bb8be0b1b52780f08