How is this software called?

I need the software that’s on the side of this desktop on my Cinnamon installation, how’s it called?

This software shows the stats of the PC like cpu ram and disk usage, does anyone use it ?

I wonder if this were compatible with my Cinnamon desktop without breaking it…

Is is available in the extra arch repo so I can get it installed with pacman ?

Are you referring to the panel that displays your system information? That’s conky.

$ sudo pacman -S conky

Yes, it might be it, it looks very similarly, is it compatible with cinnamon?

conky works on both X and Wayland. So, yes.


Just a note on conky - it is more a language for building displays than an app. I suggest looking through the conky thread on here to see some of the possibilities - and perhaps to see the scripts that produced them before deciding to jump in! :grin:

If you do go for it, borrowing from existing is highly recommended! And, help is available here too.

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You may also want to try conky-manager from AUR. It is a lazy way of having some ready-made pre-configured conky themes. I’m giving you an idea, here & ignore the fact thay’s applied on KDE plasma.

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