How I install I3WM

Hi I be new in this Comunity and in Arch come to other distributions Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and I3WM its new for me.
I see this WM its the most used here and like see how is it.
I have XFCE offline in my Intel Atom N455 2 GB RAM netbook and if its possible have this 2 environments to probe slowly I3WM great for this.
Thanks for your respond.
Great peoples here

To install it, just install the package i3-wm:

sudo pacman -Syu i3-wm

That’s it.


Installing any software follows the same process - and installing WMs is no different: search for the associated packages using your package manager, pick the ones you want, and install them. You don’t need to check the process for each bit of software you want to try. :wink:

Most DEs amd WMs will have a package group, i3 is no different:

$ sudo pacman -S i3
:: There are 5 members in group i3:
:: Repository community
   1) i3-gaps  2) i3-wm  3) i3blocks  4) i3lock  5) i3status

Enter a selection (default=all): 

Thanks for your response my friend I will try to install tomorrow and probe configure thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot I will try install this WM tomorrow

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if you build your own form base install ? You best bookmark this

This will help . Also this better bar :blush:


Also this:

and this:

But mostly the reference card.



Thanks a lot I see this things

I try to see friend ready I download I3 probe tomorrow

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