How I delete XFCE DE

Hi guys in the first time install XFCE offline and now see the MATE DE and have a better performance for me and my netbook but like delete XFCE to only use MATE explain me this thanks

It could be a problem, but anything can be re-installed …

$ sudo pacman -R xfce4

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You want to be very careful deleting a DE, they often can take other things with them. Be sure to carefully read the package list before saying Y to the removal.

sudo pacman -Rc xfce4 xfce4-goodies

as i do mention on another thread already it is the most secure way to uninstall the DE you want to remove and then install/reinstall the new DE again.

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Try not to remove networkmanager and lightdm will not get uninstalled , even with pacman -Rsu xfce4 xfce4-goodies

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The problem with this approach is depending on how you remove it, it will often either remove most of your graphical applications since they often depend having a valid environment or it will fail to remove the DE completely for the same reason.


Really , I thought otherwise :grimacing:

Once I have installed the one I want, I just delete everything with -Rnsc from the previous one.

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you need to take care on apps you want to keep sure, but in this case mainly a new install it should work nicely… i do have this lists here for this cases:


In this week try to delete all the system and reinstall again the MATE only because use this netbook to design WordPress pages and lost one day or two days reinstall again


Please note that pulseaudio has a tendency of being removed and not always reinstalled when removing and adding DEs.

I’ve switched back and forth between Xfce and Cinnamon a few times and every time I reinstall Xfce I have to manually install pulseaudio.