How EndeavourOS uses SWAP


Fabio Costa, from Brazil…

Somewhat experienced user on Linux, had used almost all kind of distro you can say aside Linux From Scratch

I was noticing that almost all Arch based distros (Antergos when finished, Arco, Condres…) had a problem with disk IO: if I try, for example, copy files from a flashdrive with exFat formatting to my harddisk (XFS), it froze to crash. Same for lots of downloads (like mirroring a wallpaper website).

EndeavourOS was a good surprise, because I didn’t noticed this problem

I grew curious on how this was so performatic… I can’t see anything I did diffrently onn EndeavourOS and other distros

I’m also from Brazil, welcome to our forum!
There isn’t anything fancy or superior comparing with those distros (all arch-based).
There is a chance though that their isos weren’t coming with xfsprogs or exfat-utils packages installed in the iso (EndeavourOS does) what could explain why you managed to copy/paste from flashdrive to your hd.


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