How EndeavourOS show Pamac icon in Polybar

Hi everyone,

I am currently in front of 2 Systems, OS Installations :

  • Archlinux - BSPWM
  • Endeavouros - BSPWM
    With Polybar and the 2 work very well.
    The Endeavouros-polybar shows me 3 current applications and I would like my Archlinux-polybar to show me the same thing knowing that I have the same software on the 2 OS.

My polybar Arch :

My polybar Endea :

The icons in the top right are tray icons. In your arch installation you simply aren’t running the program with the shield and checkmark tray icon.

As I0F pointed out, something is not running. I wouold start by comparing




between the Archlinux and Endeavouros installs

$HOME/.config/autostart :
arch :
endea :

/etc/xdg/autostart :
arch :

endea :

I don’t know how we change that.
And it would be nice to know how to do it because I also have Spotify which does not display its icon on any of the 2 Systems, OS Installations

For Spotify you may need to go its settings and enable the tray icon.

If the shield tray icon is the EOS Update Notifier, you simply don’t have that on pure arch. It’s only available inside the EOS repos. What happens if you click on the icon? I’m not running EOS, so I don’t know what it does.

The OP is talking about the Pamac update notifier tray icon, as described in the title. :wink:

I think there must be a setting in Polybar that is different in our community spin than the vanilla Arch one. Perhaps @bitterhalt and @joekamprad can shed a light on this?

The OP is talking about the Pamac update notifier tray icon, as described in the title. :wink:

I should learn to read properly…

Maybe this might help then @Breizil29

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Perhaps have a look at what is installed and how things are configured on EnOS and compare that with your Arch install:

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here is the script that needs to be run by polybar.

The polybar config for this script is here.

This doesn’t seem to be the pamac icon, though. It is using the pacman-contrib script checkupdates. This only checks for packages installed with pacman and not AUR packages.

This is still not the icon missing, because it’s not a tray icon. So you may still need the tray icon package (from the AUR) from my previous post. Also pamac is not installed by default in EOS, so you actually did this cutomization already yourself in your EOS install.


I’ve been doing it from the start

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some use full polybar thing here . simple search!!

" "

i never use pamac before , wonder if it have check box for tray icon some where in setting . zero clue as no use pamac . ( point less imo ) Also arcolinux have some wonder ful video if no like or bother to read. Hope find what you look for

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i mean … its the tray … if tray is setup in both and ypou are running whatever app using a tray icon on the insztalls it will show up there but if it is pamac it could be system is simply up to date on arch and so it will not show… may-- by setting it up that way… or its the dwefault… and its changed on the othe rinstall… as-- the tray shows up… its morelikely something with pamac not the bar.

I succeeded.


pamac-tray &


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