How does the Nvidia version of Eos work?

I’m asking cuz on Manjaro last time I installed Linux I selected from grub the Nvidia version on Manjaro and it installed the Linux and the Nvidia drivers for it(Nvidia drivers were installed automatically)…

Does Eos do the same thing, or is it different?
I noticed that on Grub Eos has an Nvidia option too, so I thought about asking :slight_smile:

I read on the web that I’d have to install and configure the drivers myself after Eos is installed, how to do that… I have an mx150 from Nvidia

The point is that in my case the Nvidia GPU(aka I don’t want to switch to it anytime soon) won’t matter too much, since I’m no longer using that GPU, but I need the driver in order not to have the Nvidia GPU drawing too much power and overheating the whole laptop while I’m using the Intel igpu for writing, reading, etc

As far as I know it will do about the same. It installs the driver and sets needed options, so you don’t have to do it maually.

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You can use nvidia-inst for installing drivers.

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so … with this which would be the syntax to install the mx150… can’t get it from examples they provide for nvidia-inst

for me (GTX1060) a plain nvidia-inst worked.

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Using the nvidia option installs the nvidia drivers automatically. Using the default option will install with nouveau open source drivers.

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If you don’t want to use the Nvidia card, just blacklist the nvidia card either with kernel parameters or a under /etc/modprobe.d/.
You can also uninstall the nvidia* driver if you want.

Edit: sorry, I meant blacklisting of nouveau and nvidia drivers with kernel parameters.

If I won’t be using the GPU would the automatically installed nouveau drivers make the laptop use more electricity or would it be the same as the proprietary drivers ?

Probably less i would think but not entirely sure. You could try as you can always install the nvidia drivers after anyway very easily.

Nouveau should consume less power. But you can blacklist it too, which may consume even less power.

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