How do you unzip a 7zip file

I know this is a silly question but how do you unzip a 7zip file using a GUI method. I am using the plasma desktop

Install the Ark unarchiver, if it isn’t already installed:

sudo pacman -S ark --needed

then right click on a .zip file, or any supported archive, and use the extract menu (which will give you options such as extract here).

or just use unzip from the command line


Wow thanks that was quick I miss typed my question was supposed to be 7-zip
will this work with that as well

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Haha, I just popped onto the forums and saw a new post :wink:
You need to then add the p7zip package as well, which is an implementation of 7Zip that runs on gnu/linux:

sudo pacman -S ark p7zip --needed

Thanks you were a great help


Strange, I have never installed anything extra. With both KDE and Xfce it always works out of the box via the context menu.


Me too, the old days on Mint I installed Peazip and got a GUI, but now I don’t bother - just right click extract from Dolphin. I guess his was a very minimal install…

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