How do you theme gnome-console?

i mean the text colours etc, its themed already, purple eos colours, how do i change those? i presume there must be a text file with those colours specified somewhere

If I’m not mistaken kgx (station for King’s Cross) a very basic terminal emulator.
Among the top ten you can find kitty as well which has a well documented conf file.

yay -S kitty
cp /usr/share/doc/kitty/kitty.conf ~/.config/kitty

User guide or Ctrl/Shift/F2 from kitty

You can theme it directly from the preferences tab I believe. I’m not 100% on that though because I always use Alacritty as my terminal emulator. Regardless, just by adding the starship prompt from which is a very customizable prompt. You just install it with curl from their website and then add it to your bashrc, zshrc, or in my case fish config.