How do you load your Endeavor Os? With a DVD or a USB stick? What software do you use?

I have a couple Dell I7-4790’s and I keep them because they don’t have UEFI and I can use the Mintstick formatter and iso writer to create images, and they load with no problem. In case I want to upgrade in the future to more modern CPU’s I know I will have to deal with the UEFI issue, and Rufus, I’m told, is the best program for burning memory sticks compatible with UEFI systems. I don’t own a Windows machine, so that’s not an option. I think most people burn a DVD, but that seems so slow. I’ve heard about Etcher, but don’t know how well it works. Any opinions on this? How do you all install Linux, what’s the easiest way on more modern systems?

Use a usb and rufus isn’t necesarily the best. Some people have no issue using it. For others it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t use it because i don’t like the way it writes to the usb. I use etcher on Windows or on Linux or Popsicle on Endeavour. Etcher works good. I’ve never had a problem using it.

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USB & dd or Imagewriter


Couldn’t load Etcher from the AUR depository. Checking the comments on it, they all fail at the point mine did, something about failing to build electron, whatever that is. The install took over 30 minutes and my machine isn’t slow, even sent the CPU temperatures up. A real monster, and it didn’t build.

Imagewriter did load, looks like it’s called SUSE studio diskwriter. Sounds right?

On any Desktop Environment, I have always used gnome-disk-utility (Disks in the app menu) to write my Images to a USB 3 stick. Has never failed me.



Just found another one called ‘ventoy’. Looks like your format the stick once then download iso’s directly to it, but I have to play with it for a bit to confirm.

Here is somebody talking about it: Is this a better software than rufus or balenaEtcher? - YouTube

Ventoy is another one i wouldn’t use. Not sure what’s wrong with the package build of etcher. But one of the others will do.

Edit: Did you use

yay -S etcher-bin
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Ventoy works for me, otherwise Rufus as already stated.

Everytime we have users using rufus and ventoy and they have issues. It does work for some. Others not so much. :man_shrugging:

I tried to load the one that says balena-etcher but I could try the version you are suggesting.

It should work.

Giving it a go…

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Yep, it loaded!

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I used etcher-bin for a while but now i use popsicle. So if you are on EndeavourOS you can use that also. I didn’t think you had it installed yet.

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I see that’s written in rust, so that’s clearly a new thing. Does multiple USB’s in parallel? Probably never use that feature, but I’ll check out the UI. Popsicle or popsicle-git (it has more votes)? The first one builds if you have rustup installed prior, looks like, the git version is not working according to comments,

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[uwe@HAL ~]$ yay imagewriter
4 aur/isoimagewriter-git 0.8.r42.gf253244-1 (+2 0.00)
Tool to write a .iso file to a USB disk
3 aur/imagewriter-git 20201109-1 (+11 0.00)
A graphical utility for writing raw disk images & hybrid ISOs to USB keys. QT5 GIT release.
2 aur/isoimagewriter 0.9-1 (+17 0.65)
Tool to write a .iso file to a USB disk
1 aur/imagewriter 1.10.1432200249.1d253d9.2.14-1 (+194 0.83) (Installiert)
A graphical utility for writing raw disk images & hybrid isos to USB keys
==> Zu installierende Pakete: (z.B. 1 2 3, 1-3 oder ^4)

choose 1 for imagewriter (SUSE STudio Imagewriter)

I usually use Popsicle over the last few years. Fedora media writer also works well and is in AUR or flatpak.

I have never once burned anything to a DVD. I’ve only installed Linux from a USB.

Etcher is rubbish. See this thread on how awful it is:

I use dd, btw.


Good old disk destroyer. It’s always there.