How do you instal BSPWM

In the last update, with the online configurator, there is no bspwm desktop installation.
So i want to know that there is a .iso with bspwm with the last update or i just have to install base devel + common package, then install bspwm with this :


If you want the EndeavourOS bspwm community edition, install EndeavourOS without a DE or WM, and then follow the instructions on GitHub (it will install the package bspwm automatically):

git clone

cd bspwm


Alternatively, if you want vanilla, unconfigured bspwm, just install the bspwm package:

sudo pacman -S bspwm

This will be barely usable, and you’ll need to do a lot of customising yourself.

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Thanks for the help, really appreciate it. Just wanna know how do you start a terminal if there is no DE or WM


You can do it from a TTY.

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The latest iso has a section called install community editions. You can install it from there.


That’s probably a better (quicker) way to do it :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the purple :enos: side. BSPWM is there you need to click on the community editions button, not the install button.

Thx a lot guys

I also almost missed it! It is in the welcome install window…