How do you dual-boot Arch and Endeavour?

I have endeavour os on systemd-boot and I want to dual boot with Arch linux. Can’t I just install the Arch Linux ISO on a USB and boot into that from the boot menu, and when I want to boot Endeavour just not go in the boot menu and let it do whatever? I just don’t want to lose my system over Arch Linux lol

I would suggest installing Arch Linux inside a VM and play with it there.

yes, i’m thinking of that but I would like to dual boot it or (maybe, in which case this article would be useless) erase the disk and start fresh with arch

Seeing as how EndeavourOS is pretty darn close to Arch, you could simply uninstall the EOS bits and comment out the EndeavourOS repos and have Arch. I just fail to see the benefit of dual booting EOS and Arch.

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Do you want to install Arch next to your EnOS on the same disk?

What is the filesystem you use for your EnOS?

I use standard extended4 for EOS. Honestly I would rather also have Arch with ext4, and yes, I do want to install both on the same disk

That honestly sounds like making arch but dollar store way :face_with_monocle: I want a normal/vanilla Arch install

I understand that desire, as I prefer my own Arch install to anyone else’s. Have you ever installed Arch via the Wiki?

The wiki’s way? Nah, I stick to archinstall because I’m lazy, but I always choose minimal so no bloat for my 14 year old laptop. But I have ran through the archinstall around 6 times a month ago when I was tired of Manjaro.

I am unfamiliar with the archinstall script. Does it allow one to install alongside another OS on the same disk?

Doesn’t explicitly ask you it but you can modify the partitions to sort of do it but thats scuffed and complicated for me personally

At the risk of self-promotion, you can take a look at my own Ezarcher project at sourceforge.

ok. I’ll check it out. Meanwhile I’m thinking of just straight up formatting my disk. Not like I have anything important… yet. Only my very nice swaywm config and thats it

A few times in the past but as @IDKnix said ever since they released the archinstall script this is the way I tend to go with it

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Back it up on a usb or somewhere and go for it, if it doesn’t work out you can easily reinstall endeavouros, I tend to stick to endeavour over arch as it saves me setting up a few things and is just “easier” to use (easier probably isn’t the right word, just saves me time)