How do I unify my Home partition and Root partition?

When I dualbooted Endeavour OS, I created a seperate home partition. Im just now experiencing the fallback from this. Im now completely out of space in my Home partition. How do I unify the Home partition and Root partition?

The way I would do this would be to go into a different OS, like a live USB, and move the partition over to the /home directory on the root filesystem. To do this, first make sure you have enough free space to fit the entire home partition on the root partition. Then you can mount both partitions and copy the home partition to the root partition with something like cp -a /mnt/old-home-partition/* /mnt/root-partition/home/. Then the /home directory on the root filesystem should look something like /home/user/your-files. Then to finish it off you should remove the home partition from /etc/fstab, by removing the line that mentions /home.

Is the partition only 2GB? It would be quite easily filled up after installing and configuring Wine, or another complex thing, and putting in a fair amount of AppImages. I suggest deleting stuff that is not really needed in that “/home/(user)” folder. Back it up to another disk if it’s valuable.

Also keep track of what is being downloaded especially into the desktop which could build up over time. Again, if it’s not really needed and if it could be backed up, delete it from “/home/(user)”.

I was also going to propose the “pacman cleanup” but that’s kept apart from “/home/(user)”.