How do I stop this HDD from making noise?

So there might be , I’m not sure that’s why I use might… Some form of syntax or software that I can use in the terminal to STOP a HDD from spinning entirely (yes, old spinning rust, at least from 2018 , you get it now how old)…

The old HDD must be made by Hitachi and it always makes some very high pitched noise that sound like those old alarms or like security system that had a beep beep, but this HDD always does this dumb high pitched noise until I read something off it and then it gets back at it and it does the same noise…

For some reason the noise is so sharp that unless I use my headphones on 55-60% so I couldn’t hear the outside world, the noise gets through my headphones and it literally gives me a very sharp headache

Anyone having an ideea what can I do about it from software?

You can just wait for the head to crash… then buy a new device. Or you could buy a new device before the screaming head crashes.


I’ve used/use platters much older than that that spin quietly. You have lemon, pure and simple.
If you got nothing to lose, I’d unplug it and bang it on something. this works for so many things.
but at the end of the day @manyroads is right: it’s probably on its way out. plan accordingly.

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I know I’d have to change it, but I still gotta recover some ancient backup data, at least till it’s working

You could use hdparm to put the drive to sleep

sudo hdparm -Y /dev/sd?
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I’ll check

If you suspect a hard drive failure I would unplug the harddrive until I purchased a new one and was able to copy the files from the old drive to the new. The longer you leave it it the more damage that can be done which could cause it to be nearly impossible to get a recovery from.

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