How do I set up (import) the monitor’s icc file correctly?

I’m using kde desktop environment, I can’t add icc file in system setup, system tell me can’t copy icc file。
My desktop environment is kde Wayland

Try looking here.


I tried, but it didn’t work

What did you try? Please be as specific as you can.

What didn’t work? In what way is it not working? An error message, or you are unhappy with the result, or it’s not doing anything?

It looks like you accidentally posted the same issue twice:

I imported the icc file under Wayland, but nothing happened, the system neither told me that the import was successful nor failed, and there is no file I imported before in the configuration file list

I can import files under x11 (with a certain probability of success), but I don’t know if switching to Wayland for color files will work

Does anyone know how to properly import and use the specified icc in kde?