How do I set up drag and drop between the host and guest, and vice versa, in virt-manager?

I have successfully installed virt-manager and created two virtual machines: Kali Linux and Windows. I installed SpiceVDAgent on Kali Linux. However, although I can copy and paste text, I’m unable to drag and drop files. Am I missing something? If anyone knows, please help me

From a web search:

  • Download and install spice tool (spice-guest-tools-latest.exe) on your guest OS (Windows 7/8/10).
  • Restart or shut down your guest OS (Windows 7/8/10).
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hello mate . i have installed spice VDagent on kali linux and ran the service via terminal and reboot . but the (text) copy and paste working (vm to host ) both side working fine . but drag and drop not working