How do I release and renew my IP address?

Sorry for the Jimmery but I’ve tried everything that Google turned up and nothing’s working. Thanks in advance.

Disconnect the network in NetworkManager and the reconnect.

Tried that. Still got the same IP address. I need a new one.

With most ISPs that use dynamic rather than static IP allocations, disconnecting the internet connection and the reconnecting will usually cause a change of IP.

Where is your IP coming from? Many DHCP servers will try to assign you the same address.

I would guess it’s coming from my ISP? I know jack about networks. This is a home computer.

Are you sure the IP is being assigned directly to your PC and not a router or something else?

Does your PC actually get the routable IP?

check return

ip addr
ip route

I guess it’s assigned to my router because I just checked the laptop and it gets the same IP address as my desktop so I guess what I’m trying to do is release and renew that. The public IP.

Then you need to do it from the router.

Right, so how do I do that?

I mean…it totally depends on your router.

Does it have a web interface?

You could also try just unplugging it, waiting a few minutes and plugging it back in.

I think he wants each device to surf the internet with a different IP, but they usually surf with the same IP address.

No, I need a completely different public IP address and I don’t care that all my devices use it.

then follow dalto’s advice and unplug your router and plug it back, that’s the easiest way to change your IP.

Tried that. Left it unplugged overnight. Also tried factory reset. Also tried release and renew from the router’s web interface. Nothing.

if in doubt, ask your ISP, because the internet IP address is assigned by the ISP.

Some ISPs use dhcp reservation to ensure your IP can’t change.

Trying to clone my desktop’s MAC address to the router now, but Comcast isn’t reassigning me any IP when I do that

The public ip provided by my isp is dynamic but I have the same ip for months maybe yours is the same.