How do I move panel to left?

I think that I finally made the last touches to the design, I needed bigger icons and a panel cuz I’m usually missing things with the trackpad, but otherwise I tried to copy the old transparency of windows 7

Do you like the design? What os does it remind you of?

The only thing I’m not sure is how was I supposed to move the bar(aka panel to left)

On Linux Mint… I was able to move the panel to the left side of the screen, without too much of a hassle, but I can’t find any option to do it here :frowning:

I was also wondering… Is my cpu that old? I always valued and loved this 7300hq, I got this laptop for my birthday back then

Right click on the panel > Move > click on the highlighted side you want to move the panel to.


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Thank you beforehand @Chris2KN!

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