How do I make IntelliJ IDEA work?

Whenever I open a New Project or File in IntelliJ IDEA or other JetBrains IDE’s I just see a gray background and nothing opens. Is there any way to fix this? I only seem to be getting this problem on Swaywm.

And is there any way to make the Splash screen for the JetBrains IDE’s look better? Like making it pop up as it would do on another DE?


some ideas

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umm, I couldn’t find anything in that thread that would help me. I see a gray background when I try to open IntelliJ and am unable to do anything.

Thanks for trying but sorry, what you posted doesn’t seem to be the right fix for me.

can you make a screenshot sort of things and start from terminal eventually it show some information?

does it shows like example :slight_smile:

This is it. It’s all I can see and I’m unable to use the program at all.

uhhh, I need to get IntelliJ IDEA running on my PC or I won’t be able to do my work. For now I’m dual booting but can someone please help me out here?

first thing I did when installing the sway version was to install JetBrains Toolbox and then install PhpStorm from it. Needless to say, sway was out the next sec. If there’s problems with my main tools the DE/WM/OS is no-go.

Gnome 40 has some neat tile add-on. There’s something for XFCE too, but gnome’s better integrated.

Damn, I was really loving Swaywm so far. But, not being able to use JetBrains Software is a deal breaker for me. Looks like I’m gonna have to go back to XFCE like you said.

nowadays I don’t have time to look for solutions because I need to get things done. This means I didn’t spend too much searching for a solution. I moved on. If you invest some time in it you might make it work.

On somepoint you can run u3wm beside also.

I’m still hoping to find a Solution.

I found the Solution!

All you have to do is Install wmname ( and then enable it by typing wmname LG3D in the Terminal. After this, you should be able to open and run any of the JetBrains IDE’s.

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