How do I know which provider/repository to download to install JDownloader 2?

Hello friends.

I’m trying to download JDownloader2, it’s not normally available on other linux distros, but luckily I was finally able to find it on EOS, in the AUR repository.

But when installing it, it asks me to install, a JAVA provider or repository? (this program works with JAVA if I’m not mistaken).

So, I wonder which of the 4 should I choose? They all have the same name except for the number in their name. Maybe it’s the version number or something?

When I find this when installing a program, how do I find out which one to install, should I download the one with the highest number in its name, or something like that?

Thanks in advance!

[mylinux@mylinux ~]$ yay -Ss jdownloader2
aur/jdownloader2 latest-17 (+420 3.97) (Out-of-date: 2023-05-28) 
    Download manager, written in Java, for one-click hosting sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload. Uses its own updater.

[mylinux@mylinux ~]$ yay -S jdownloader2
:: There are 4 providers available for java-runtime:
:: Repository extra
    1) jre-openjdk 2) jre11-openjdk 3) jre17-openjdk 4) jre8-openjdk 

Enter a number (default=1): 

By the way, I’m so sorry, I’ve opened this thread twice, it was my fault for having 2 open tabs. I’ve tried to delete one of the threads, but I can’t for some reason.

Maybe some moderator can delete the other closed thread.

I used this software a few years back and it wasn’t maintain very well and it is now flagged out of date. The maintainer said he wasn’t going to support it any longer back then.

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Unless you know specifically that it requires a certain version i would just go with the default by pressing enter. That’s my thinking on it. But I’m not familiar with jdownloader 2?

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In Windows 10 and in the official forum it continues to be updated, in fact the administrator of JDownloader2 made an addon for me a few weeks ago, and JDownloader2 receives daily updates.

But the “core” of JDownloader, the addons etc, is updated. I think the program is not updated. Sorry I can’t explain myself properly.

Maybe you mean that the version of AUR for Linux is not updated?

Unfortunately JDownloader2 is the only download manager that allows me to use plugins, code, etc, to do anything, so it’s the only download manager that I can use to download links, create custom folders, download specific images, etc.

I’m going to try to install it to see if it works correctly, thanks friend.

Oh, now I get it.

It’s the only download manager that allows you to use code and plugins from the JDownlaoder 2 forum, so I can’t use an alternative manager.

I’ll use the default version then, (1, or enter), thanks friend!

I use wget as my download manager. :frog:


Thanks for the recommendation little cute frogy, but JDownloader2 has several advanced tools to make custom plugins to locate, download, customize, edit, etc, various files and websites, you can also make it learn to autodetect what you want with the help of people from the official forum.

For example, a plugin that allows me to download copyright-free songs from a free website, creates a folder with the name of the song, the file’s link ID, and the date it was downloaded, and creates a text file. with the name of all the songs that belong to that album, also to download the main image of the album inside the folder, and rename it to “image001.png”.

This can only be done by JDownloader through code and plugins, and I really need this to download files from various sites, it really saves me a lot of time.

If another download manager could do this, I’d be happy to use any free source download manager!

I’m pretty sure wget can do all of that, with some minimal Bash scripting.

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Oh, really? That sounds really cool, I’m going to investigate and see if I can do something similar with wget! :smiley:

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