How do I install Virtualbox

I was recommended by the virtualbox community to install directly from the website and not from other forks due to certain issues.

I went to their website and under downloads:

I clicked on “ALl distributions” but then it just takes me to some webpage with just some script text.

Am I supposed to download it and execute it and follow the prompts?

You could install Virtualbox from Arch’s repo.



Yeah but there is some differences between the Arch’s fork vs Virtualbox’s version that is why.

For starters you can’t even download the guest additions.

Not a fork, only packaged for Arch.

virtualbox-guest-iso is also in Arch’s repo:


I will give it a try and let you know

Sometimes I wonder why we have a Wiki? :roll_eyes:


DIdn’t realise you guys had a wiki even.

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