How do I install Burn-My-Windows on EOS KDE?

Hi friends.

Some time ago I installed Burn-My-Windows window effects on my EOS KDE. I just had to go Settings > Windows Managements > Desktop Effecs > Get New, and download them all:

But I saw this other video where you can configure the speed, color, etc, of the window effects. It appears to be an app.

(I know that only some effects are available for KDE, as this was mainly made for GNOME)

Does anyone know if I can get the same thing shown in the video, but for my EOS KDE?

I found these 4 packages in the Aur directory, as they were not in the Arch directory, maybe I should install them from here, or it doesn’t work like that?

(it says KWIN and GNOME, but not KDE):

I found the github link:

But as I’m noob, I don’t know if I have to install from AUR, from that link, or if those extra settings are available in my KDE but are hidden or something.

Thanks in advance for your help friends!

Hey NickNick,

I looked on the KDE store and on the KDE settings, Window management, Get New and there are several versions of Burn my windows there. I have had better luck installing through the KDE Settings then manually. Either way it should work good luck, Cheers.

BTW the store was running very slow for me, took foreveer to load the display??

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You can just install from KDE-Store. The options there are all there is.
On the git page you linked there is a compatibility list to check which effects are available for KDE.

The fire effect is available the paintbrush or disintegrate only for gnome and even there only for version 40+.

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Thank you very much to both of you.

But, in the video (I think it’s GNOME), you can set the speed, scale and size of the animation (the 2 little bars that you can move to 0% to 100% that appear in the video.

If I download it from EOS KDE settings, the animation works, but I don’t get the configuration bars or the test windows:


Maybe it’s that those extra settings are only obtained if you are in GNOME, or maybe I can only get that if I download the kwin-effects-burn-my-windows package?

Oh wait friends.

I found this other video, the package with the full configuration is available for KDE, but you have to install it.

Can anyone tell me which of the 2 I should download, I don’t know what the difference is?

I think one of them needs to be compiled or something? One of them has the word “git” at the end of the package name, but not “bin”, so I’m not sure.


I don’t know if it’s a reliable source, and I don’t know if I should download from AUR programs that are not well known.

The *-git generally represent the unreleased latest source. This is typically for people who either want to help test or who need the absolute latest and can’t wait for it to be released.

In most cases, you don’t want the *-git version.

You don’t need a different version, Just install through the KDE interface

The settings are available under Desktop Effects where you select the animaltion.

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