How do I get endeavour os theming in Cinnamon?

The Xfce theming is really good. How do I get that for Cinnamon?

Do you have endeavouros-theming installed?

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You have to apply it manually; if you installed the endeavours-theming then you already have all the “parts”.
Go into Settings in Cinnamon and you should find the “theme” button.

The theme used by Endeavour is Arc-Darker (tho I prefer Arc-Dark).

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XFCE is special on EndeavourOS, since it is the DE of the Live ISO image.

All other DEs come from the Arch repos, with default settings (no customisation).

As mentioned above, endeavouros-theming package contains some background images, icons, etc. but you have to do the customising yourself.


Okay, for some reason I didn’t have endeavouros-theming installed. Thanks guys!

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