How do I delete a systemd-boot loader menu entry

When I installed EndeavourOS, it auto detected Windows 11 and added it to the systemd-boot loader menu. How can I delete that entry?

I’m using KDE Plasma.

Have a look inside: /efi/loader/entries
If you want to remove any entry from the boot menu, you can remove its .conf file.

It’s not there.

Edit: /efi/loader/loader.conf and add:

auto-entries no

I am not sure how EnOS’ sets up the dualboot with Windows so I assumed it puts a .conf file in the mentioned directory.

Sorry if I got it wrong.

I see that @dalto has replied so please follow their advice.

This is almost never the right thing to do on EOS. The Windows entry doesn’t come from a conf file but even for things that do come from conf files, these entries are generated so changing or removing them will only help until the next time a kernel is installed/updated at which point they will be regenerated again.

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Thanks for the clarification! I had gotten it all wrong.
I am still on an “old-ish” install where I manually switched from Grub to systemd-boot quite a while before the choice was introduced on the latest ISOs.

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That worked, thanks :+1:

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