How do I control my fans from the terminal?

Hi guys,

I might need to give some background here. I was in one of my classes today and when the fans on my laptop came on the guy next to me couldn’t help but comment “Your computer sounds like it’s about to achieve liftoff!” So I had an idea…

Can a make a command for my terminal called ‘liftoff’ that will turn my fans to max rpm? How would I do that?


I did a search:

(if it’s possible to hear from your success it would bring value to the forum)

Much thanks, I haven’t done anything yet but I will certainly let y’all know once I’ve figured this out. Your link was very helpful.

Thank you. Much obliged.

I forgot to mention I’m using an obscure ASUS laptop. The model is X550ZA. I tried the directions from the Arch wiki without success :confused: The AUR package it recommended does not work and modprobe before and after the installation yields no results. The fans respond to my CPU temps and work, but I’m not sure where to find the drivers for my operating system. Time to clean the corners of github I guess and pray somebody was bored enough to make them.