How do I change the colors of lxappearance?

Sorry, i’m still new to i3 but how would I change the colors of the arc-dark theme? When I go to color it says setting color scheme is not available without lxsession as session manager?

I’m just trying to make the blue in arc-dark purple to match the rest of the os.

as it says … lxappearance is from lxde tools :wink: only added to i3 for easy theme change.
you could try this from AUR:

You could also copy the theme under users dir ~/.themes/arc-gtk-purple/ and change colorcode.
or … create a patched package:

Sorry, for that second custom build how would I compile that? Would I just need to make a .sh file then run it?

makepkg would be the tool to build a package . but you can simply download the theme and place a modified copy under your users home ~/.themes/


So that’s why that is there.

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