How do I build any packages when downloading it for Linux?

If I donwload an application from the Internet and it says its for “Linux”:

Then how do I exactly build it? I have to download it and in this case I got a tar.xz file

So I have to extract both the xz and the tar and then I would just run some make file or something?

And then how would I install it then?

You don’t need to install the Tor Browser. It can be run as a Portable App.
Just extract the file, go inside the extracted folder and click on: Tor Browser



It is also in the aur.

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The pgp keys is not valid or something so I don’t want to skip checking

Oh I didn’t know, well thanks then

Generally speaking, on Linux you don’t download software from websites.
You look in the repo (pacman -Ss SOFTWARENAME for the search and sudo pacman -S PACKAGENAME for the install ) and if that does not find the software, you can check the AUR (yay -Ss SOFTWARENAME for the search and yay -S PACKAGENAME for the install)

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At work, but maybe update your key ring?

sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring 

I think :smiley:

I never knew about the search but thanks. I did a quick Google search before this post and like I attempted to download from the AUR bht the pgp keys are not available so I didn’t want to install it without pgp keys.

I thought sudo pikaur -Syyu also updates the archlinux-keyring?

I just updated my system yesterday :slight_smile:

you can also search the repos and the AUR in the web. The tor-package has a pinned comment that should help you:

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Right I see, thanks then :slight_smile:

Also yay can magically show a list of packages available for you input word.
It’s realli amazing and allow you to select/build/install everything you need from comfortable terminal window.
Try it ‘yay PAKAGENAME’ and enjoy.