How do I autostart an AppImage please?

Hello, I’m a total noob with Arch, I’ve moved across from debian based distros.

I wanted Stacer installed, I could only understand how to do that using an AppImage so I went with that which is fine, however I cannot figure out how to make it autostart when EndeavourOS boots. Would a kind soul point me in the right direction please?

It depends on the desktop environment. I use Plasma so I right clicked the app-image to make it executable and added it to autostrart/startup applications via the settings just as a test after seeing your post. I used the browse option to navigate to the app-image and restarted.

I would reccomend you try this program for searching for packages/installing.
Alternatilvy you could just

yay -S stacer

I don’t use appimages so cannot advise you how to do it this way. But there seems to be an older post on the forum here How to Setup an Appimage as a Startup Application? - #2 by jiibus
Were they have ended up just installing instead of using appimages instead

And just another useful bit of information for you

As a reference:

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If you are using a desktop environment like Plasma or GNOME, creating a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart is probably the easiest way to do it.

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I wanted Stacer installed, I could only understand how to do that using an AppImage.

Why not use the AUR version of Stacer since this is the official recommended version?

Anyways you can make any application autostart & very easy to do this.

Open your file manager go to home/username/.config/autostart directory. Here remains all your autostart programs. (username = change to your username)

sudo find / -iname "*.desktop" to search all files named with .desktop. (not necessary in this particular case, mentioned here for anyone who wants to auto start other type of packages/programs as autostart)

It’s recommended to install “appimagelauncher” as it automatically integrates AppImages to your system. Also most importantly it will create .desktop file in your /home/username/.local/share/applications/ folder.
So yay -S appimagelauncher

After the installation do create a folder in /home/username/ named Applications (case-sensitive) cause thats the default folder for the appimagelauncher program store your appimages. So whenever you download appimage just put them there.

Now click on your appimage & choose Integrate & run. Next time you can open that application from your Menu.

To make it autostart simply copy your .desktop file from /home/username/.local/share/applications/ & paste in home/username/.config/autostart

Credit goes to DT.

For updating AppImages checkout

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