How could one "torify" single applications?

I recall that I had come across a script called torify which served to pass the connection of a chosen application to Internet over the TOR network (that is, if my memory still serves).

Searching for that, I found

which, if my reading is correct, will torify the whole of an Arch system.

Has anyone any experience of this? Or does anyone know how to just torify a single application?

  1. Set the application to use Tor’s SOCKS proxy;
  2. Run an intermediary HTTP proxy (e.g. privoxy) which in turn passes traffic via Tor, and set the application to use that;
  3. Use socksify (or proxychains which is in the repos) to wrap applications that don’t have proxy settings (or don’t obey system-wide environment variables).

Check the Arch wiki Proxy server page for a lot of other detail.

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Great! Thanks @jonathon!
Now back to the school bench!


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