How can i text letters with hat

Normally when i was using Windows it was “shift+3 + letter” but now in Endevaour OS that way is not works. So how can i text letters with hat?

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For me this works: CTRL + SHIFT + Carat (^) + Letter
It works in libreoffice and text editors, but not in browsers. I would be interested in to know how to do that?

Edit: for temporarily solution I found these browser extensions:

Well, it did not work. It might from my keyboard (tr_q).
But after from another person help i learned it.
For â etc. i should use just AltGr + letter.

Yes, I noticed that myself. For me AltGr + letter didn’t work. It’s certainly because of different keyboards.

For my edification, what is AltGR?


Sorry, I posted before thinking. I guess I picked the wrong week to stop using coffee.

All my keyboards do not have this key, just another Alt key.

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I would assume it depends on the input language you have. I for example use Icelandic layout so ^ character is located with AltGr plus Danish/Norwegian Ö.
So searching for your keyboard language input, it should be able to provide some info about how to get this working.

You can also look for keyboard layouts with dead keys. For example I am using the us international layout, it has dead keys so to type e.g. â I first press Shift and 6 to get ^ and then just a. For other vowels this works the same way just replace a with the letter. It does only work for some of the letters because it does not exist for every one. Another option is to use a compose key:

Alt Gr doesn’t exist in English layouts, only on layouts with additional keys. For example Turkish has ğ,ü,ş,i,ö,ç keys on the right side instead of some punctuation marks.

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